Quick Start

Before anything else...

By default, players are not allowed to use WorldEdit. Only those tagged with "worldedit" can use its features. To give yourself all worldedit permissions, enter /tag @s add worldedit in chat. You should then receive a message saying that you have been giving WorldEdit permissions.


You can also give other players worldedit permissions by changing @s to the player's name. You'll need to surround it in quotes if it has a space in it. Eg: /tag "Steve Wanderer" add worldedit

Going places


The commands provided by this addon use a semicolon (;) instead of a bracket (/). In the future, Mojang might add actual custom commands support to Minecraft.

Getting from point A to point B can sometimes be a hassle. Luckily, this addon comes with what's known as a navigation wand. To get one, enter the command ;navwand, or grab an ender pearl, the default item for this wand.

Once you have this item, just interact with it to get teleported to the spot you are looking at. Want to get on the otherside of a wall or ceiling? Use the wand while sneaking to go right through it! Stuck in a block? Using the wand will get you unstuck!


If you don't want to use the navigation wand, these actions can also be done with the commands ;jumpto, ;thru and ;unstuck as well.

Making selections

Like the original mod, you use what's known as a selection wand to easily mark regions of your world for all sorts of operations. To get one, grab a wooden axe, or enter the command ;wand.

Selections in WorldEdit are cuboid shaped by default. To make a selection, you need to mark the two corners of this cuboid. You mark the first corner by using the wand on a block at that corner while sneaking. You mark the second point by using it on a block without sneaking. If done correctly, you should see a highlight of your selection.

Cuboid Selection

If there's no block for you to mark a corner with, like high in the air, you can also use the commands ;pos1 or ;pos2 to mark the first and second corner respectively, as the position you are currently standing in. This is not the same as the position you are standing on.

Position Placement

Kit items for convenience

There are many operations in WorldEdit that we may commonly use, such as undoing, and copying structures. To make this addon more convenient for players on any device, it comes with a set of items that act as a shortcut to these common WorldEdit functions. To receive this kit, just type ;kit.

Doing stuff with your selection

Make a modest sized selection to work with, and have your kit ready. We're going to try some of the features WorldEdit has to offer.

  1. Place down stone, use the Pattern Picker on it and use "Fill Selection". A cuboid of stone should be made.
  2. Use the Pattern Picker on the air (mobile players may hold the screen with it) and use "Fill Selection" again to clear the stone.
  3. Place down sandstone and glass, use the Pattern pPicker on the sandstone, and sneak and use it on the glass to add to your pattern. Use "Fill Selection" and you should have a mix of sandstone and glass.
  4. Take out the Mask Picker in your inventory and use it on the sandstone. Set a block of your choice as your pattern, and use "Fill Selection". All sandstone should now be replaced with that block.
  5. Repeat your selection upwards by typing the command ;stack 4 up.

If you want to you can undo everthing by using the undo item until you can't undo any further. You should also use ;mask to clear the mask created previously.

Playing with brushes

The kit also provides a way to make brushes.

  1. Get a shovel of any type.
  2. Place down cobblestone; you'll need it for the brush.
  3. Use the "WorldEdit Settings" item. A menu should appear including "Brush Settings". Select that button, then create a new brush as the interface instructs you. Make it a sphere brush of radius 3, and a cobblestone pattern. Confirm the settings and exit the menu.
  4. Aim at the ground not near you and interact with the bound item (now brush) to place cobblestone spheres.
  5. Enter the brush settings again to set the mask for the brush to grass. Use the brush now to make a cobblestone path.
  6. Delete the brush from the menu to disable it.

What now?

You still have the rest of the docs you can look through. Go ahead and explore!