WorldEdit: Bedrock Edition is an addon that's compatible with Minecraft's latest release version. You can also install this addon on server hosting sites such as Aternos. It can be used in both singleplayer and multiplayer games.


This addon will not work on Minecraft: Java Edition.

Installation Step-by-Step


Once you've downloaded the addon, simply open it with Minecraft to get it imported. Mobile users may need a file explorer that allows opening the addon with Minecraft. CX File Explorer and Documents are recommended for Android and iOS respectively.

If you have the same, or later version of the addon already imported, you may need to delete both the behaviour and resource pack in Settings > Storage. In a new world, or an already existing one, add "WorldEdit" in Behaviour Packs and "WorldEdit [RES]" in Resource Packs. Also enable "Beta APIs" in Experimental Features. Create/Enter the world, and you're ready to use WorldEdit!

If you have a console, and either a PC or mobile device, use a realm to transfer a world from one platform to the other.


There is a separate version of WorldEdit made for dedicated servers (not to be confused with Realms). This version comes as a zip. You must install it depending on how your server is hosted. This version also comes with a file called variables.json which you must put in the server's config/default folder.

Aternos Server

Let's look at Aternos as an example. First you must upload the addon in the server's packs folder. Then in a new or uploaded world, turn on the previously mentioned experimental toggles.


You must not apply the addon to a world before uploading it to Aternos. Otherwise it will not work!

Read more about how aternos handles addons and experimental features here and here.

And as mentioned before you put variable.json in the right place.

Uninstalling from a world

Uninstalling is as easy as deactivating the addon in the world. If you want to remove it from your game installation entirely, go to Settings > Storage and delete it from there.